Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin's tornado~!

Click this link to watch the massive tornado form! How amazing!! The destruction was so devastating, and it hit awfully close to home! Richard's family lives in Springfield ... only an hour and a half away from Joplin. 
I'm so glad they were safe!

Seeing the news, photos, and videos, made me think about what I posted yesterday regarding loneliness.
Savor moments with friends and loved ones because you don't know when the world as you know it, might change or be taken from you! Take the time out of busy schedules to get to know others on a deeper level. Shatter prisons of isolation, saturate deserts of loneliness. Consider quality time with others a high priority on your calendar. Shouldn't it be the most important (after God and your family, of course)?
Don't get comfortable and take life- or others in your life- for granted!!  When tragedy strikes, would you rather cry with regret for not having spent more time with an individual, or thank God through your torn, aching heart that you were blessed with such a friend? Heart aches are not easy, but they're better than regret. Let's not stifle God's gift of relationship with pride, fear, insecurity or bitterness. These relationship hindrances pale significantly when faced with reality-or tragedy-in life.
Seize each day God's given, and share it with others!!
:)   :)  :)   Blessings!   :)

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