Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A -mile-a- minute- thoughts :)

When I was twelve years old, someone told me I could easily talk some one's leg off -- and I must say that I've never quite outgrown that trait.   :)  :)   I even talk my husband to sleep every evening.  lol!!   :) The bad part is that I don't remember what I've already told people ... but I'll blame that on "mommy brain".  :)
The first thing I'd like to share, is my ROSES!! Earlier this spring I decided to risk planting four rose bushes along the fence in our backyard, not having any prior experience with roses. I'm still learning, not yet a "pro", but at least they appear to be thriving so far!! Here's one bush that has bloomed ["Angel Face"]. The other three bushes [other varieties of roses] are on the verge of blooming-- what anticipation!  :)  :) I'm excited, along with the children. Every morning they fill me in on all the flowers in our yard - especially the rose bushes.   :)
I'd love to grow a veggie garden with the children. The reason we never started one at this house, was because we originally did not know how long we'd live here. We've lived in this location longer than anywhere else now and we still don't have a garden. lol!! Every year, Richard & I discuss whether we should plant a garden like the one we had in Republic, Missouri [after planting a garden in MO, we moved the very next year]. This discussion has gone on for six years.   ;)  The next house we move to, we'll definitely have a garden.   :)   :)

My future schooling plans are also on my mind this evening. You may already be aware that I was taking one writing class at a time, attempting to reach my goal of Writing Certificate. When I worked through the previous classes, I was only homeschooling one child (Caleb was attending school at that time and Ashlyn was too young for school), so taking a class and meeting deadlines wasn't as difficult. I've home schooled all three children this year, and have found the task to be quite consuming. I don't see how I could take a writing class and not be overly stressed. I don't want to neglect my kids or their schooling!  You may have also read about a "dream" I had recently- the fact that God wants me to write. I began struggling internally with my thoughts. God wants me to home school, yet at the same time, write? How can these two work together?! Surely He knows I'm not Superwoman.
After prayer and going back and forth, I decided that I wouldn't take anymore classes while home schooling full time. I will study writing helps on my own (no deadlines; flexible), cutting out time 3 evenings a week to devote to my writing hobby. Of course, this means that I need an "editor" to challenge me .... hmmm ... a friend is already coming to mind ...   :)   :) 
I'll most likely return to school once I'm no longer home schooling full time--whenever that might be.   :) Only God knows the future, and I'm glad I don't have to know all those details yet. Well ... it WOULD be nice knowing ....   lol!   :)  Whenever I do return to school, I'll most likely finish my Education degree so I can get a teaching job later on (more practical than being a writer). Isn't life funny?  Hahahah    :)  At least I know that my home schooling experience may actually count for "experience" later on~  :)   
[By the way, I'm thankful for my good husband who helped guide me thru this decision process]

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