Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day~!

I'm grateful for the gift of my mother! She not only took good care of us and trained us well- but played the organ and taught us to sing.   :)   :)
I grew up taking her music abilities for granted, never once saying "thanks" for teaching me and my sister how to sing. Practicing songs around mom's organ was a normal part of life for us, and we looked forward to that time together each week. Our family sang nearly every Sunday, and mom was faithful to sing a solo when we had not prepared for a family song. I don't remember when I began singing, and I think the same is true for my sister. Mom started us young and kept us singing!    :)
Now that I'm in my mid-30's (oh my), I'm appreciating mom's diligence because I realize all the hard work she put into us!! I have enough challenges just with our children's day-to-day routine and home school .... let alone teach them how to sing!!!!!!!!!!   The fact that mom made time in her week to teach us to sing and worship God, means a whole lot more to me now that I'm a mom! Makes me want to pass on the importance of worship to my own children (though it won't look the same since I don't play the organ; and I haven't made it a habit to sing together each week).  It's never too late to try adding worship to our evening ...
I am attempting to upload a couple of videos of mom singing and playing the organ (Dec '09), but am not sure they're uploading correctly- hmmm ....
I'll post a picture just in case the videos don't work.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day thanking God for the special gift of your mother!    :)

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