Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Part 2 :)

What lovely weather to celebrate Mother's Day! My kids (& hubby) made me feel so special bringing home some lovely tulips yesterday, then sharing sweet cards this morning and taking me out to eat after church.   :) 
I wish sometimes that I could capture moments in a bottle to enjoy later.  :)  :)   :)
I'd like to take a trip in the past and undo all the silly and harsh things I've ever done as a mother, like impatient moments during potty training (my son was only TWO for crying out loud), or making a Walmart-run with a colicky newborn (who on earth did I think I was?! Supermom?).
I'm so thankful for the children who call me "mom", and I pray that God will work in and through me while I train and guide them. What a huge responsibility preparing children for real life down the road! How overwhelming at times (even with a Godly husband's guidance)!!
I pray that even in my humanness- while asking for my children's forgiveness, or prayerfully, brokenly seeking direction- they will recognize God's hand in our lives. I'll never be "good enough" or the perfect parent, and that's ok.
The following link will take you to a song that is my prayer for Motherhood (along with other areas of my life as well)~~ "Savior, Please", Josh Wilson  [move your mouse cursor over here!  :) ]

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