Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A note about Gabe .... and Osama Bin Laden! [what a combination-- lol!!]

The children enjoyed playing with the camera yesterday. They were attempting to come up with a prize winning photograph of our family dog, "Gabe".    :)  :)  The batteries in the camera went dead before they could finish all their ideas, so poor Gabe will most likely sit through more picture taking tomorrow~  Yes, it was Ashlyn's idea to dress him up.   :)

Drastic change of subject ....

Nearly ten years after 9/11, Osama Bin Laden has been brought to justice- especially for the many families who lost loved ones that tragic September morning.  I don't know that anything other than Osama Bin Laden's death would have been more acceptable. We're talking about a mass murderer of innocent lives. Justice must be served!
I've been quite amused by some reports and opinions in the news.

I do not believe Obama ordered  this attack for re-election, nor that Bin Laden wasn't the person killed. People are always going to criticize the President and then come up with various types of  hypothetical questions/scenarios. DNA tests proved the man killed was Bin Laden. Honestly, isn't Elvis supposedly alive after 30- some years after his death?  ;) 
I believe that President Obama did what needed to be done, and I give him the credit for following through on Intelligence  he received, then ordering the military to act (awesome work, military!!). Yes, the Bush's (and Clinton's) were on the same manhunt and never found Bin Laden, but from all appearances, Pakistani's were trying to hide Bin Laden. I think it would have taken just as long to find Bin Laden's hiding place, no matter WHO was President of the United States. By the way, there were some reports several years ago that Bin Laden had died, but how can we trust Pakistan [interesting how Pakistan remains silent after the capture/murder of Bin Laden ... hmmm]??? I'm more inclined to believe our armed forces who put their lives at risk.

For those unsettled, thinking the US should have shown Christian kindness ("turning the other cheek") to Bin Laden, try telling that to the thousands who lost loved ones because of his actions.
True, Christ never fought wars, but that wasn't God's purpose in sending His Son to earth, either. Christ was sent to redeem a sinful people and to replace cold, ugly sinful hearts with tender, pure, warm ones (to glorify God). Christ's focus was on Eternal peace, not worldly, temporal peace. He even said He did not come to bring peace, and that following Him would cause divisions and wars [click here to see passages from Scripture].

I'm sure Bin Laden's death will not mark the end of terrorism (or any other unrest) internationally or nationally, since this world will always be a fallen, sinful place. That said, God has always been and always will be in control of the HIStory of mankind (oh yes, and Justice must be served, as He is a Just God). We need eternal peace in Christ so we will not fear what's happening around us.
Of course, this brings up the question, "why did God allow sin to enter the world?" ... oh dear! lol!   :)   :)
I'm not a theologian, but will answer simply: God had a perfect plan in place when Adam & Eve ate the apple.   :)  :) My God is a proactive God, not reactive, and has always been in control.
Here's the "Answers in Genesis" website in case you are interested in tough questions and answers, like why does God allow pain and suffering!   :)  

Well, I'm now stepping down off my little soap box and getting on with our day .... a beautiful new day that God has made. Let us rejoice in it knowing that He's in control (Read all thru the book of Psalms in the Bible!)

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