Sunday, March 20, 2011

So much to say ... so little time ....

So much has been going on, I hardly know where to start. Yes, the children and I finally got over a flu virus after two weeks of up & down and all around, and now the seasonal allergies have begun. Even on antihistamines, I walk around with an allergy bubble in my head (dull headache), feeling tired and slightly like I'm on drugs. Nausea is a "normal" part of allergies, too. Oh great ...!!  I knew I should have visited an allergy specialist before allergy season hit. I suppose I thought antihistamines would help.[one cannot be tested by an allergy specialist unless they've been off antihistamines for a week. I'll have to wait now 'til this season's over]
In case you (reader) know me personally, please don't be puzzled by any unusual behavior. Until June rolls around, I cannot guarantee I will be acting "normally".  lol!!
God's been teaching me a lot lately about contentment and trust. I find this difficult when I'm not feeling well ... I would rather crawl in a hole somewhere and hide until the month of June. Hmm, that makes me think of potatoes.   :)  Yes, I made Irish food on March 17th   :)
A heart-shaped potato!! Happy St. Patty's Day!
Last week, during a Nancy Leigh DeMoss (DVD) mini conference at our church, I learned even more about trusting, obeying & contentment.
Implementing trust means that I'll be faithful in prayer and obedience. I've heard this lots of times through my life, but I often need reminders with application to every day life [the entire book of Romans in Bible].
Instead of sitting in a chair wishing my dull allergy annoyances away, counting down the days 'til June, I can read or recite Psalm 139 and then pray that God will bless our family's day together. God alone knows all about our family, our individual needs, and remains the only One who can transform a grumpy mom into a contented one. :) Not to mention that my kids are watching and taking on my grumpy attitude!!!
There is so much more I could share about the True Woman conference, but the experience was like drinking out of a fire hose! I cannot share it all here!!! If you're interested in learning more, you can visit True Woman online  (click here)
After attempting to digest the truths during the ladies' conference, I had an interesting experience at the store. The children and I were in the check out lane, placing items on the conveyor belt. I had pulled out my debit card, fully intent on paying for the groceries, when the lady behind me came around the carts to say something  ...  I couldn't believe my ears! She explained that she didn't know why, but felt that God wanted her to pay for our groceries.  When I saw tears in her determined eyes, I let her pay.
I was so shocked, I'm hopeful that I told her "thank you".  LOL!!    :)   :)   While pushing our cart to the van, I told the children that we could now be looking for someone else to bless. I was touched by this experience, and it brought me to tears ....
I pray that I won't miss the opportunity because of  focusing on silly allergies!  :p   There's always someone out there "worse-off" than yourself! Look for others to help instead of looking at your own problems, Sara!

Yes, I need to trust, obey, and be content. The God who created me and wrote my life story (including the not so good stuff I'd rather erase), is the same God who cares for and watches over me even when I'm not in need.
 I'm thankful for a very patient, long-suffering God, full of mercy and grace, I'm hopeful that whatever lesson (s) He's trying to teach me will be readily learned (eagerly learned??). I must not take His mercy and grace for granted! I can be thankful in life, no matter how I "feel", and pass on His blessings to others!!!
I hope this made sense! I think it's time for me to drink some tea and go to bed!!    :)   Goodnight!

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