Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sex Trafficking in America --- Really?? :(

Not too long ago, people at our church made bracelets out of soda pop tabs to help raise funds for International Crisis Aid, an organization that helps victimized girls in and around the St. Louis area. Yes, trafficking happens in the Midwest!! So sad and heartbreaking, but a very true reality. These girls and women are people just like you and me, trapped in a hopeless situation -one not easy to escape. Yes, it's really here in America. Don't turn away from the ugliness .... it's only by God's grace it never happened to you!
Someone on Facebook shared this web link from a recent Family Research Council broadcast, and I thought I would pass it along. I tried to embed the actual web broadcast, but it didn't work. Please click on the the link below [while I tell myself to take a computer class].

* click here * to visit the Family Research Council web page

I pray that we take this trafficking problem seriously!! We need to be diligent and proactive, protecting our children on the Internet and staying involved in their lives!! We also need to pray for the victimized girls and women [and young boys too], actively finding ways we can be of help (even just faithfully praying-- in the long term!!!!).     :)

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