Friday, March 4, 2011

Alas! My sickly head!! [a silly tale] :)

None of us saw him coming. He pounced unmercifully onto my sweet little daughter late Saturday night, then attacked my innocent son the very next morning. I stayed home from church with the sick little ones, dutifully filing my recently organized recipes. The flu enemy crouched nearby, watching my every move, waiting to spring!
"POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  [thump, crash]
I jerked back in surprise on Monday to discover I was experiencing slight chills and achy bones. These two vices pressed in harder and harder until I was held fast to the recliner in the living room. The headaches started its chorus with the fever, and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open.
Only two in our family stood tall and strong: Caleb the courageous, and Richard the Lionhearted  [LOL].  :)
Caleb the courageous took care of the house (with my instruction) and also brought me water, Tylenol, bananas,oranges, hot chicken broth, and applesauce.   :)  Our struggle with the flu enemy continued on and on .... and on...
until both children started coming out of their fever furor triumphantly!!! Well -except for a nagging cold type of cough. :(   :(   :(
I felt encouraged, trusting the end of my own battle was near ... I could almost taste the freedom!!!!!
The thermometer declared a normal temperature, and I leaped out of the recliner -a little too soon.
My fever began climbing again, and would spike into the 103's when Tylenol wore off! Yikes! [it was also high with Tylenol]. I sank back into the recliner in defeat (and tried to sleep midst the children's activity around me). The headaches were much worse, the flu enemy throwing daggers into my left temple. I fought for dear life within my delirium, thinking I surely must be DYING!!!!   Richard the Lionhearted took a few hours off work to help around the house, to take my hand and assure me this was NOT the end of the battle if he had anything to do with it!!!! His fighting spirit encouraged my own, and I commended his bravery with the housework.   :)
One of the flu enemy's daggers had progressed into an ear infection, but treating the infected ear soon brought much needed relief.
May this be the end of my delirious sickly head with the retreat of our enemy!  
Friends beware! The flu enemy may be waiting to pounce on your family next!!!!

[Thanks for reading this silly post- lol! I'm still weak and tire easily, but am doing MUCH better. The kids? They're great! The flu hasn't made them weak at all- ah, childhood. :)   :) ]

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