Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Antonin's first Taekwando Tournament

Alright ... I've climbed down out of the clouds to realize that I need to share Antonin's very first Takwando tournament with you!! Our son started this "sport" (hmm, "fighting" is a sport?) a little more than one year ago, and we've been surprised with how much he enjoys it. He appears to be a "natural", and I'm not sure what to think about it. lol!! Seeing how springy he is on his feet, I had suggested he go into gymnastics or dance, but he didn't care for those ideas.  Knowing his coaches makes me feel better, as they are in our small group at church.   :)  ["don't let my boy get hurt!!"-- lol!! just kidding~]
I felt quite nervous for Antonin, and was amazed by his calm face while waiting for his turn to sparr. When his turn came, my heart was in my throat because he was up against a green belt (he's an orange belt), bigger than him. I began to relax once I saw just how well he was doing against the green belt without getting clobbered. Of course, they wear so much padding, I don't think anyone would have been seriously injured .... ???   lol!   :)

After sparring two rounds, Antonin won 3rd place in his division!!!!   So very proud of his hard work and perseverence !!!!!   :)   :)  :)   :)   :)   Below is a photo of Antonin with Coach James~

                                                             Yay, Antonin!!  :)   :)   :)  More important than the 3rd place ribbon he won, I'm so pleased with what he told me later. He told me that at first he was nervous, but then prayed that God would help him. Once he walked out onto the mat, he says he wasn't scared anymore. He beamed as he told me that God had answered his prayer. I told him even if he hadn't won anything, God still had answered his prayer of not being scared, and I still would have been very proud of him.  :)   :)
Perhaps our parenting is actually making a difference in his life after all - in spite of our own human selves.   :)

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