Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

[the above photo shows a few of the CBS (Community Bible Study) children's teachers putting on a skit for the little ones. I played the part of Mary]

Today was special. :)

After some shopping this morning, then organizing & cleaning our house (we're on Christmas break from school), a lady stopped by our house to give me a Bible verse. In CBS, the children's teachers and group leaders draw names and exchange verses instead of gifts. I had not attended the brunch where the exchange was held since much was happening that particular week and we couldn't "do it all". The Bible verse given to me, typed and attached to wrapping paper, rolled and tied with ribbon, was Psalm 138. How sweet to read the reminder that God is faithful to fulfill His purposes in our lives. :) :)

Later in the evening, our doorbell rang, and I opened the door to Christmas Carolers!!! :) :)
This was our first time to be on the receiving end of caroling, and must admit I was taken off guard. lol! :) :) I kept trying to wave the rest of the family to the front door, and all Richard asked was, "who is it?". I didn't want to shout clear across the house, so I said, "I don't know", though I did recognize the four teens & one adult from church. I was honestly thinking, "Who cares who it is --- just hurry and come here, Richard!!!" :) What a fun treat listening to them carol! :) :) :)
Yes, today was very different from yesterday ... yay! :)
[insert guilt for writing yesterday's post --hope I didn't complain too much]
Now to finish my Christmas planning-- the meal and traditions for the special day. :)

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