Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good 'ole redheaded Anne :) :)

I love taking breaks throughout busy seasons to read books- especially the Christmas season. : )I light candles in the fireplace (easier clean-up), put my husband and children to bed, and pull out a book to read. :) Yes, I'm a natural night owl, so I accomplish my reading and writing at night.
As the title to this post indicates, I'm reading Anne of Green Gables. :) This evening, I was laughing hysterically over how Anne thought her puffed sleeves helped her through a dramatic public recitation, along with Mrs. Lynde's inability to respect a minister after his confession of stealing a strawberry tart from his aunt's pantry as a child. LOL! :D
I had forgotten just how lovable, hilarious, and heart-warming Anne is. If she had been a real person, I'm sure we would have gotten along quite well. I had a friend in college who told me that my writing reminded her of L.M. Montgomery's. Now that I'm an adult, I realize it's because I tend to ramble. The one thing I notice with Anne's stories, is that they go on and on .... part of the heart warming charm, of course. Ah- beloved, redheaded, kindred spirited Anne. Everyone loved her so much, it didn't matter how much she rambled. Isn't that what all imaginative people long for? To be loved no matter where there stories bounce around? :) :) :)
Alright ... I may be able to write an essay on the "depths of despair" imaginative people face, but for now it's back to reading more of Anne. Time for more good laughs!!! :) :)

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