Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking ahead to a new year-- 2011

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas together as a family- a white Christmas - and now look forward to 2011.
I cannot believe how quickly time is passing, but acknowledge that time (or disappearance of time) remains a fact of life.
Remember our visit to the dentist a week ago? The kids had their routine check-up, and we found that Antonin needed two teeth fixed (fillings had fallen out). We needed his teeth taken care of before the end of the year since we won't be continuing part of our dental insurance (too expensive-- though 'twas what we needed this past year with our numerous dental issues, including my root canal). A week ago, there were absolutely no openings. I decided to call this morning to check for openings, thrilled to hear the receptionist say they could take us right then -- within the next 15-20 minutes! I hurried myself and the kids in a flurry to get out the door, and am grateful we live 15 minutes away from the dentist office!!! I'm so thankful everyone's teeth are set for this next year ... and hope they stay that way! :)

This has nothing to do with teeth .... but a friend invited me to take a sewing class with her! Sewing has been something I've left on the "backburner" since I've struggled with my sewing machine in the past. I have desired to "learn the language", so agreed to attend the January and February sewing classes at the library!! I really am excited, though a bit apprehensive. How potentially embarrassing for an instructor to observe my panicked attempt to rescue material from my sewing machine's fits of intense hunger. On the other hand, how encouraging for someone else to understand the machine's language, and with a simple adjustment to my "mad machine", set my sewing problem free!!! I certainly will learn a thing or two! :) :) :)

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