Sunday, October 3, 2010

Introvert or Extrovert--that is the question~

--Funny story--During one of my Psychology classes in college, the professor conducted an experiment, claiming that extroverts will admit they are extroverts, but introverts will not admit they are introverts, because of the cultural negative connotations attached. He proceeded to ask (along with descriptions of each), "If you are an extrovert, raise your hand" [half of the class raised their hands]. He then asked, "If you are an introvert, raise your hand". I was the ONLY one in the whole room who raised my hand. lol!!! The professor told me that I was not a true introvert because I raised my hand, but I still think the real reason is that I've always been an ultra honest person (to a fault) , with little regard for cultural peer pressure--most of the time (sometimes I'm just naive)! :) Hmm ....would having been home schooled have had anything to do with it? [6th grade and up]

Since then, I've considered myself a "friendly/talkative" introvert, but my husband claims I'm definitely an extrovert. Maybe one of these days I'll know what I am .... lol! :)

Here's what a "blog things" quiz site said about me [just for fun--click on "site" to take quiz and find what you are too. lol :)] :

"You Are 40% Extrovert, 60% Introvert
You're a bit outgoing but also a bit reserved. Like most people, you enjoy being social, but you also value the time you have alone. You have struck a good balance! " [My thoughts: ME? Balanced? I don't know about that .... something I'm striving for though ... ]

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