Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't oversleep final's week! :)

Along with the beautiful fall weather ... returns memories of the two or three years I was in college. :)
My first semester, I had 3 finals in one day, then overslept the next morning--causing me to miss a 4th final. I had missed my computer final--Oh no!.... I called the professor in desperation, asking if I'd still be able to take the final exam. He was very gracious, and let me join in with his second (or third) class later that day (whew).

A year later, my roommate & I took a class together--a Humanities class that was very challenging. No matter how hard I studied, I got mostly B's, a few A's. My roommate studied less than I did and always came away with A's. [Ack!!] Within Humanities, the first semester covered Art, second semester covered music, so we had two different professors through the year: Prof. R for Art appreciation; Prof. K for the music portion.

The morning of our final for the Art portion dawned bright and early .... and both my roommate and I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!! Our alarm clock had decided to stop working, and we were both very frantic and upset! We had even missed breakfast for that morning (cafeteria), so we scrounged around in our room and found what we could munch on--lol). We discussed our predicament awhile, and decided to continue studying for our other finals and call Prof. R later. A couple hours later (when we knew he'd be in his office), my roommate & I tried to decide who should make the phone call. "I think you should call him," I said, "You're a much better speaker and more level headed for situations like this."
"No," my roommate frowned, "You come across as more believable. I think you should call him."
We then rehearsed what we would say to him .... eventually deciding that it would be me who made the phone call.
I nervously dialed the number, patiently listened to the ringing, then hesitated when Prof. R answered. I explained who I was, told why my roommate & I had missed our final, and could we please still take the exam? Prof. R was kind and after a few moments of hesitation, said he would let us both take the exam, but strongly recommended not letting this happen again, because Prof. K would never consider giving us a second chance for the music part of the course.
We were SO relieved ... and grateful for the next semester's warning. We never again overslept. :) :) :) :) :) :)

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