Monday, September 20, 2010

September ...

Wow! My dear, sweet husband is now 38 years old!!!! I keep telling him that the great thing about having birthdays anymore, is that he is always older than me. :) :) :) Leave it to him to inform me that even without birthdays, he would still be older [I'm three yrs younger]. :)

I'm really missing him even though it's only been a few hours since saying goodbye. He left on a jet plane to attend a work-related conference in California, which happens to be his first trip in quite awhile (I'm not used to this anymore). I know this week will go by very quickly with the kids' soccer, home schooling, CBS & Tapestry co-op, but I'm still going to miss him. :( :( He's only gone for ONE week, for crying out loud!! :) :) I think by Wed. I'll be ok ...

I decided to get back into my P90X routine this evening. I'm far from being a body builder (nor am I a wanna -be), but I need to resume regular exercise. I had been good with exercising for awhile .... but then slacked off during the summer. :( :( :( Though I eat fairly healthy and am thin, I have very high cholesterol and need to follow Dr's orders. I am proof that cholesterol can often be a hereditary problem... ugh!

I like P90x (click to go to site) because of the variety. There are 13 different DVD's that cover everything from shoulders & back, to yoga, and basic kick boxing. Many people work out every single night, but that would be way too much for me!! Two to three evenings a week should be sufficient! :) :) Like any other fitness program, I think the hype is a bit silly! I did not choose P90X based on those ab commercials. I must confess that I fast forward through most of the pull-ups, since they do about 100 each time! LOL!! I can only do 1 1/2 pull ups at this point, but at least the program's variety works for me ... and I'll become strong and "ripped" one of these days when I work myself up to 100 pull ups [said with sarcastic tone---LOL!!!].
Ok .... time to walk with Gabe (our dog) and the kids ... we all need a calming walk after our Blue Monday .... :) :) [you didn't know it was blue, did you? lol! Blue Monday without Richard ...]

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