Thursday, September 16, 2010

More school tid bits :)

Everything is coming along very well with home school and CBS (on Thursdays)!!! This was week four of our home school, and week three of CBS. I'd say everything is going great since the house work, laundry, and other projects continue to be finished as well. :) :) That said ... there have been plenty of bumps in the road, I'm not the most perfect teacher in the world, but from what I understand ... that's part of being human. :)

This was actually my first day to teach the 2's & 3's their Bible lesson. I co-teach with two other ladies, and this week's Bible story was mine (we all pitch in with everything else, but take turns with the days' opening time and story). Noah's Ark has always been a simple, fun story, but it was very difficult telling/reading, since the eight little children constantly stood up instead of sitting down. I had placed a blue sheet on the floor to resemble water, and we were all supposed to sit on it and pretend we were in an ark (for the story). Well ... I'd like to know the secret to keeping toddlers sitting still!!! lol~!!! :) I cut my lesson a tad bit short after realizing they were all so full of energy and in desperate need to move around! :) Yes, they had already run around in the gym prior to the story time (and had had a rest time). It was simply a very energetic day-- and we all survived with lots and lots of action songs, acting out animals, stomping around the room, duck, duck, goose, etc.!!! :) :) After the children left, and the teachers met in Leaders' Council, they said their classes had been unusually full of energy as well. Hmm .. is it a full moon? :) :) *Whew*, was I tired once we arrived home!
I am thoroughly enjoying co-teaching and studying the Old Testament Prophets in our own Bible Study. Looking forward to next week!!

As far as our home schooling goes ... we have been studying Creation to Noah's Ark this week, then will focus on Ancient Mesopotamia next week. The children are looking forward to their home school co-op tomorrow afternoon, which is good accountability for us and provides educational discussions I wouldn't have time to think up (art & geography projects too). I've been really proud of my boys keeping track of their schedules and completing their schoolwork as requested. :)
Ashlyn loves her Kindergarten work, and I enjoy working with her. She is only 5 and a half years old, and already tells me things like, "Mom, did you know that one plus three makes four?" I have honestly not been teaching her math facts. Just simple, plain numbers!! When she out of the blue stated, "Mom, four plus four is eight", or when she calculated how many days a certain event was going to take place and correctly said, "... we will leave in three days, right Mom?", I felt a little blown away. When I was a little girl, I struggled with math. Amazing that my daughter loves numbers. Wow~! Thank you, God! :)

Antonin will be (Lord Willing) learning more how to play the guitar ... this is something he's been talking about for a long time, so we'll see what happens. I hope he stays with it even when he grows tired of practicing (if you grew up taking piano lessons, you know what I'm saying...that goes for any instrument of course).
:) :) lol!

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