Saturday, August 28, 2010

One more b'day .. :)

Happy 9th B'day, Antonin!! I had fun making his b'day cake (yes! It turned out!), though looking at the photos, I can see now that the yellow lego was a bit lopsided. lol! Oh well ... my sweet, brown-eyed boy loved his cake--and enjoyed eating it, too. :) He and his friends went miniature golfing after eating cake and ice cream at our house. I think everyone had a good time! :) :)
It has been a very full week for us! We started school, attended "teacher training" (for a Bible Study for ladies and kids), and then I participated in a Mom's night out last night! This morning, the kids had soccer games, and then I quickly finished the b'day cake in time for the party! :) :)
What wonderful time invested and spent ... though I'm now very tired and ready for bed!! I'm looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. I love Sundays and the Reason we worship (Christ). :) :)
Have a Blessed wknd .... goodnight!

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