Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day and school stuff ....

Ahh ... nothing like the changing weather ... from hot to cooler, that is. :) :)
We've been able to enjoy wonderful breezes thru our open windows lately~~~ beautiful, glorious fall-like breezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd sleep in a hammock if I had one! :) :)

We enjoyed some Labor Day weekend visitors: Christi & Derek Probst from SW Missouri (Richard's sister's family). We had a fun and full day in the Alton, IL area. A few of the highlights included stopping at McD's for a Mocha Frappe, and standing in the middle of an old brick road for a Historic picture-taking opportunity. LOL! [sorry, no photos taken with my camera to share; Christi took them on her high powered, sophisticated camera]:) :) :) We also learned more about the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and how the Locks & Dam work on the Mississippi. :) All educational, of course.
Above: Stair step Sorrell/Probst cousins :) :)
Now that our company has left [sniff, sniff :( :( ], we've been getting back into our routine.
This week in school, we continue studying about God's Plagues on Egypt, and then Moses' exodus ... into the dessert! We'll be flash-backing to civilization in Mesopotamia soon. Today was full and challenging because of the holiday that made our school week shorter. Their schedules for today were complete by this afternoon, and I was VERY proud of my kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) They worked very hard today (two tests, as well).
Yes, CBS [Community Bible Study] went well on Thursday, though there were some bumps in the road--I hear that is normal. We're now preparing for this Thursday .... and my children are helping me find leaves, acorns, and pine cones that I can take to show the 2's & 3's (w magnifying glass). No matter what you have planned, this age group has a very short attention span, so we may end up with extra time at the end again .... lol~! There are two other teachers with me, and we are taking turns teaching the lessons. I have lesson 3 (next week), which happens to be about Noah's Ark. Should be fun! :) :)
Ok ... I need to get off this computer and fix dinner. I'll talk again soon!!

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