Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New school year & new experiences --Yay!

When I was young, I remember my dad and grandpa Shelley (different times) becoming emotional (crying) while sharing a testimony in church, or reminiscing on "days gone by", and I was usually embarrassed by their expressions. :)
Well, I can see now that the older I get, the more emotional and teary eyed I become. Now it's my own kids who look at me questioningly, "Mom? What's so sad and/or happy about that?" One of these days they'll understand. :) :)
So ... why am I sad and/or happy? hmm ... no, I'd say I'm feeling bittersweet. I'm teaching my baby girl how to read this year!! I honestly cannot believe she's old enough yet--but here she is-- five and a half, and an eager beaver with her lessons. :) :) :) I am so blessed to be able to spend this time with her --tickled pink, actually. :)

In our home school schedule for this week, we planned for a huge chunk of time to be taken up with my teacher training with CBS (Community Bible Study--where I'll be teaching 2's & 3's), so we covered a lot of ground these first two days of our home school. The children will take their homework and books in backpacks while I'm in training tomorrow (yes, child care is provided)! I'm not sure exactly what to expect with this training ... but it will take most of the day tomorrow and Thursday. In case I have confused you, it's ok .... things will make more sense as my experience with CBS progresses on this blog. :) :) The Bible Study begins in September, and it's for children and adults of all ages. [yes--my children will be participating in the study as well].

These "new experiences" with home schooling and teaching a preschool Bible class on Thursdays, fills me with excitement (YAY!! So Excited!!!!), along with a tad of overwhelming feelings if thinking too carefully about it (Whoa ... what am I doing?!). :) :) This Scripture recently encouraged me that it's not all up to me (or all about me): "I have made you and I will carry you." (Isaiah 46:4) I feel comfort knowing that whatever I do, it's by God's grace that I do it, and I can rest in that thought ( with not being anxious). :) :) I am so thankful for His grace.

Know what tomorrow is? Antonin's 9th B'day!! My sweet little boy is growing up so fast (but don't I say that every year?) I'll need to come up with something new to say. :) :)
For now, however, I need to go to bed.... goodnight!! :) :) :) I'll share more about B'days later ...

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