Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our new family member~~ :)

Wow~~ whatever got into me? :) Me--former cat lover, dog despiser, Ms germ-a-phobe who grows tired of cleaning up after everyone. Spring cleaning my entire house .......
only to adopt a dog????????? What?? I never thought I'd see the day I would allow a dog in our house!!
Only love would mess with people's minds like this. :) Love for my children and for the husband who feels that owning and caring for a pet teaches children responsibility. :) :) Oh-- the reason we cannot have a cat, by the way, is because our oldest is allergic to cats.

So, we now have a new member in our family, and yes, I am truthfully excited!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
Meet Gabe~~ he is a quiet, friendly little thing, but of course the quiet part could just be his getting used to us and his surroundings. He is about 15 pounds and shouldn't get much bigger since he is 10 months old. His adoption papers say that he is a papillon mix, and I know that his mother was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
What we know about Gabe, is that he was with his mother in the pound from day #1, and then after his mother was adopted out, stayed with a foster mom for three weeks. We are happy to provide Gabe his first real home! :) :)
I'm now reading info. regarding how to keep your house from smelling like a dog, along with dog whisperer tips.
Gabe's growing accustomed to our home and family life (sleeping alone in his crate at night, for example. Last night was ruff ...). He is really good with the kids, housebroken, and a very sweet dog (but awfully quiet!). I'd like to start working with him on commands "come" and "sit". According to the foster mom, however, we need to let him become familiar with us and our house before dog training, so will wait a little while ... maybe whenever he falls to sleep at night without barking (the only time he barks is when he is in his crate).
We'll eventually get so used to dog smells ... that we'll begin smelling too. oh no! Please don't tell me that we'll start smelling like dogs everywhere we go!!! On our way home from church, Richard looked at me and asked if our van smelled like a dog or if it was his imagination. I couldn't smell anything ... lol!! We are beginning to get paranoid. :) :) :) If you really stop to think about it, humans don't naturally smell very good either ....
Have a wonderful afternoon (and enjoy your dog if you have one) !! :)

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