Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hashimoto, Allergies and what not ....

Before I share a little about my Dr. visit, I need to admit that I feel a little silly posting this on my blog. Struggling with Hashimoto thyroid can be a real battle for women, and my purpose for sharing is to possibly encourage and/or inform in case someone is seeking tid bits of info. for themselves. While this autoimmune disease is neither life threatening nor extremely serious, the symptoms (and emotions) are quite real, and sometimes difficult to deal with [no, you're not alone]!

First of all, it appears that the left lobe of my thyroid still has some life in it, though not functioning normally like the normal-working right lobe. That said, the left side has indeed returned back to its original size (in spite of being "damaged"/ mildly abnormal/effected), and the Dr thinks the improvement could have something to do with my taking iodine! She smiled and said that most Doctors would not admit such a thing. :) :) Taking iodine also helps the immune system to hold back Hashimoto's destructive work [Vitamin D3 helps the immune system too]. Technically, Hashimoto is separate from thyroid conditions. The thyroid just happens to be the organ Hashimoto decides to attack and eventually destroy over time. No, there isn't any way to kill Hashimoto off. One can only hold Hashimoto back ... and no one knows where he came from. Unfortunately, the immune system is confused and backs Hashimoto's work, pouring energy and resources into the destructive behavior.
I am thankful for the good news that all is well, aware there are others who have it much worse than I (I'm still in the early stages of Hashimoto, and the past 2-3 yrs have been enough!! So glad everything has stabilized and improved).

I also wanted to find what I was allergic to, seeing how I was so sick this spring. I am allergic to the following:
Maple (Box Elder), Walnut tree, Sycamore, Cottonwood, White Ash, Oak, Elm ,Hickory/Pecan tree, Bermuda grass, Timothy grass, Common Ragweed (short), Rough Pigweed, sesame seed, Peanut, and a slight allergy to Wheat.

Umm .... slight allergy to WHEAT, you say?? We grind our own wheat and make our own bread ... is this ok??? As long as I don't consume a lot of bread, it sounds like it's ok ... hmm ...
I guess we'll need to keep an eye on this (and research).

I was surprised to see that I'm allergic to peanuts!! No more peanut butter for me, I suppose, though it is just a moderate allergy. I'll stick with Cashew butter.  :) :) :)

So ... for the seasonal allergies, my plan is to take allergy meds every spring. lol!! Like I didn't already know that. :)

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