Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet memories ... and a phone call

My thoughts and prayers are with family in Indiana today. My mother called last night to let us know that my great uncle Harold had passed away. He lived a wonderfuly full life, reaching 100 years of age!! As a child and young adult, we attended the same church as my maternal great aunts and uncles, so I knew them just as well as my own grandparents. One of the fond memories I have, was watching Uncle Harold and Aunt Goldie walk hand in hand (or hand in crook of his arm) down the sidewalk to church. They were a sweet couple ... he called her "mama". :) :) Uncle Harold was also quite a talker and could tell story after story to prove his point on any subject. I was always a shy girl, so I'd listen to him and nod politely at certain intervals. He loved children and would often chuckle aloud at their antics. :) :) He was a very sweet man, and will be fondly remembered by many.

I received an unexpected phone call from my husband yesterday ... a family we hadn't seen for eleven to twelve years were on a trip thru our area and were stopping to see us (I had a half day's notice for the overnight stay that my husband offered)! I (of course) rushed around the house flustered, not at all thrilled with what was taking place. My children were witness to my gradual attitude transformation ... :) :) God was faithful to show me the ugliness of my selfish heart and how this particular family needed hospitality and friendship. Right at first I thought it was impossible to get the house and food ready/prepared in time. However, everything fell into place --as it usually does. When will I learn that it's not all about me and all about sharing Christ's love with others.

Well .... the "Managers of Their Homes" charts (creating and maintaining a family schedule) are working wonders for our family!! I think I have finally found something that works for us. :) :) Just had to squeeze in that bit of free advertising. Have a wonderful July day!!! :) :)

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