Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!! :)

We hope you are enjoying your 4th of July--appreciating the freedoms we so often take for granted in this blessed country of ours. I pray that God will continue to bless our country. :) :)

Yesterday, we enjoyed riding the Metro Link (train) and soaking up the sun during the St Louis 4th of July parade (we were sitting right in the sun). There were a lot of huge balloons, decorative floats, and LOTS of candy!!! Um ... I mean, lots of candy for the kids. :) :) The theme this year was "A night at the movies".

Here are just a few photos ... never fear, underdog is here (or is it "near", not "here")!!! :)
I thought this trio from the Wizard of Oz was pretty cool!! :) :)

We had a good view of the Arch throughout the parade, and thought it made a cool photo op. :)

We plan to see some fireworks this evening -- hopefully. Not sure where we're going to see them yet!! Again, happy 4th!!!! :) :) :)

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