Thursday, June 17, 2010

Year 35

Oh my! My 35th Birthday is right around the corner --- bright and early tomorrow. Mom says that I was born at 6:29 am, June 18th. I know this sounds funny, but every June 18th, I try to be awake by 6:29 am. One year I slept thru my B'day morning, and felt so disappointed afterwards. lol! :) :) No one can locate my newborn photo (*sigh*), but here's a picture of when I was four months old. Apparently I enjoyed laughing and smiling without a care that I was toothless and bald. :) :) :) That's what I love about babies and young children, by the way. They are who they are and don't care what you think! :) :) :)

As a child, my Birthday usually came right during Church Camp meeting time (in Ohio) and around Father's Day, so many of my Birthday memories include Church and honoring my dad [not a bad thing ]. One year, a family at camp meeting --who we barely even knew-- gave me a b'day gift (I think I was turning 8). I could hardly wait to open it!!! I excitedly held the wrapped package close, until I had the "ok" to open it. Inside, there was a mirror to hang on my bedroom wall at home, "Sara--God's Princess", written at the top. A praying little girl was positioned in the bottom left of the mirror. I was very elated and remember chattering non stop about it to my parents and sister. :) :) lol! :) :)

I don't feel 35 ... well, maybe I will tomorrow. :) :) :) Just kidding. I'm still the same little eight year old inside, with a few more life experiences and maturity, of course. :) :) :)
I'm so grateful for God's goodness, and look forward to what else He has for me this new year! :)
Here's a song from Matthew West (click on the link) that pretty well sums up how I feel about life. Christ is my everything--so thankful for His faithfulness to transform me.

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