Monday, June 14, 2010

Lots to do!

Now that we're getting back into the routine of life after having enjoyed the low humidity of CO, I've decided to tackle many indoor projects during the heat of the day. I need to spring clean, rethink some organizing and decorating techniques, organize past and present photos, clean and organize the garage (during the evening when it's cool), and I'd also like to have fun with science and reading with the kids (math too). I know ... not enough time in a day. However, if I am to stay away from Facebook, I just may be able to complete all these tasks this week. We'll see.... I really don't have a good concept of time.

My thyroid ultrasound was today, mid-morning, and Richard met me at the hospital so the kids wouldn't have to be in the room with me. Nothing scary, I just don't want my problems to be all the kids remember and talk about!!!
I dislike the suspense of "not knowing" what "they" know during ultrasounds. I'll have to wait another week or so to hear from my doctor (the technician left me right during the ultrasound to look up my old ultrasound records from a year and a half ago---that was momentarily concerning for me-- I had visions of something terrible being discovered or something...).

While waiting, I'm busy with the projects mentioned above. I'm also patiently waiting to hear from my writing instructor. I am finished with all of my class assignments, but need to send in my work one lesson at a time ... I've been waiting on my instructor awhile ..... *sigh* ... only two more assignments to send in .... and then I will receive the final grade for the class. So thankful I finished ahead of time (just growing more impatient)! :) :)

I suppose that life can be summed up in one word: Waiting. :) :)
Gotta finish some housework and then take the kids to the dentist. I'll write again soon!

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