Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home again .... jiggety jig ...

Well, we're home! What a refreshing vacation! We all need one of those from time to time.
I ended up sharing all our adventure through photos on Facebook! lol! Sometimes it's easier uploading photos instead of writing. ;)
All of the following photos were taken in Colorado--within Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park area). :) :) How beautiful, and I just wish I could have captured it completely with the camera .

After living in Colorado for six days, we hardly wanted to come back home to the Midwest!
But here we are ... home again, thankful for a safe and relaxing trip. Round trip, we put over 3,000 miles on our vehicle!! Now, we're getting back into the routine of life again, busy with laundry and housework. :) Richard is sweating profusely, while painting wood on the outside of our home. He's wishing for some cool Colorado breezes and considering a move West (ha.. jk) .... it's 90 degrees (plus humidity) here.:(
I've received results back from one of my blood tests (I had 6 or 7 vials drawn for various tests, most of which I've not yet heard results), and was totally baffled with the news that my cholesterol level is 260 (190 LDL). Anything above 200 is considered elevated. Wow!! This is the highest it's ever been. Last year while faithfully exercising, my total cholesterol was 225. Time to resume my exercise routine and eat more fruits & veggies, even though I'll get comments like, "Why do you need to exercise and eat so healthy?? You're thin!" Well, I'm proof that even thin people can have high cholesterol. :) ... *Groan* ... NO MORE MOCHA'S....WWaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ....
I tell my children to not complain--- and now listen to me!! lol! :) :) Making the time to exercise can be difficult, so I may start working out at night (oh wonderful! After a long day of being mom .. oops, I'm complaining againl). :) :)
Ok ... I need to resume laundry and household duties ... it's good to be home, though I long for Colorado's cool summer air (especially with exercising-lol).

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