Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great things ... :)

I received wonderful news on my 35th B'day. My thyroid ultrasound came back " normal overall" (not sure what that means). I also heard back from my class instructor and was able to send in my remaining assignments. :) :) :) I'm working on one last required article, which is due June 28th, and then I'll officially be finished with this class.
By the way, I'll see my doctor in July to discuss everything ...
I'm thankful that I've been feeling good, and that allergy season is finally over with!! Yay!!!

This is VBS week at a church down the road from us, and I've been enjoying three hours alone in the morning, working on projects. I've been working on my last required article, organizing photos, cleaning the house, researching home school topics, and working on nursery ideas [uh--we are nursery coordinators at our church] :) :) :) I do miss the kids during VBS ... but the time goes by very quickly. Before I know it, they are home again playing on their slip n slide in the backyard! :) :) Oh, the wonderful, lazy days of summer!! lol!!
We're actually pulling a few of the books off the shelf to review math and phonics ... :) :)
I need to write Popsicles and lemonade on my grocery shopping list, now that I think of it. :)
I'll type again soon ...


Kendy Jo said...

Popsicles and lemonade ARE 2 of the greatest things of summer...along with floating in the pool...lol:D

Christi said...

SO glad you're feeling better, Sara!!!