Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer planning (for future) & dogs

After sending in my final assignment, I found that I'd received a 98.2% for the class! I was very, very excited because I purposely chose difficult topics for most of my assignments. One of the articles, a humorous one, was especially challenging since I'm not naturally a funny person. I will share it soon .... first, I'd like to tell you what we did today!
We visited a home school consignment/bookstore today in St Louis, and I decided I really must visit more often! I have some materials of my own that I could bring in for a trade.
Anyhow, one item I did end up purchasing, was a practical home school scheduling guide, Managers of Their Homes. I have been eying this resource for quite some time, and I figured today was the day to begin exercising more of my organizational muscles. Every mother, whether she wishes to admit it or not, struggles with organization in some area within her household/ home-school. That said, no perfect home school exists (or ever has). We must remember that these home school tools are not meant to create "perfect" homes! They are great tools for guiding us into a less chaotic direction, but nothing--absolutely nothing-- can create perfection (don't forget that, self). :) : )
My areas of weakness lie in meal planning/preparation (it's so time consuming!), and creating chore lists/daily schedules for the children. So often I find myself "playing things by ear", and being a bit too spontaneous with their daily duties. My children enjoy structure and routine, and this is an area I really must work on (like, no breakfast until beds are made!).
Oh-- I now have a filing cabinet-- another means to organize the little neat piles in my life. : )
Wish me a bit of luck ... thanx! :) : )
One more thing ... everyone else in the family has been wanting a dog. I haven't really wanted one, because we have some costly home improvement things to take care of, etc, etc. Plus, I've just never been an animal lover. However, today we visited a pet store (animals from rescue shelter), and I just about fell head over heels with a mixed breed -- something spaniel crossed with something else-- it was a small, but fully grown dog (one year), NOT HYPER, and had the best, calm personality! He had white, with short hair, and didn't shed as much. I thought he was cute! No one else in the family agreed. :( :( Lol! I thought it was funny that for once in my lifetime I actually liked a particular dog ... and no one else liked him!! Ha!
I'll now research dogs to become more familiar with the different breeds/mixed breeds, so I'll be informed when we visit pet stores/shelters (and persuade the rest of the family). :) : ) I hope that we can find a dog a lot like the one we saw today ... [must be small, fully grown, calm, friendly, little shedding ...]

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