Wednesday, June 30, 2010

List of goals dwindling (yay)

I just love this photo of the kids enjoying their Popsicles. lol! It's the best! :) :) :)
Besides soaking in the sweet, lazy, watermelon eating days of summer ... I have been gaining ground on my summer to-do list. I'd say that I have about two more days of spring cleaning and sorting left. Today, we washed windows and vacuumed cob webs of all sorts throughout the house. I have also eliminated many of my hobby piles from our bedroom, thanks to the file cabinet we got for my birthday. :) :) Only a little more to go .... I am really proud of this transformation! :) Actually, I'm working on transforming all our bedrooms into more improved rooms ... I'm looking forward to sharing photos, and this will be a great incentive to stick with it, room by room. :) :)
Right now, I'm very tired and ready to go to bed!!! Wow, I don't think I've ever been ready for bed at this time of evening before (8:30 pm)!!! lol!

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