Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yay .... thank you, God!

As you may know, I've scoured Craig's List for over five months, in search of a good, used sofa. The sofa we've had for 7+ years was simply getting old [we bought it used, so it's most likely 11-12 yrs old].
At first, I thought the Craig's List sofa had been sold, since there was no response to my inquiring email for two days. Then, early this morning the seller [finally] responded, and I forwarded his phone number to Richard since he was in town with a friend. Within a few hours, we had a "new" reclining sofa in our living room -- nine months old!!!! :) :) :) :) The former owners had just moved to a new location where the sofa would not fit and/or match decor.
After all that waiting ... I'm more than happy ... I'm relieved ....
Of course, since this is a used sofa, there are a couple of imperfections, but it's definitely a keeper [plus, our kids are going to break it in even more ... they've been playing around on it all day. I'll be happy when their excitement wanes a bit ... lol]
Just wanted to share the happy news!!

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