Wednesday, May 19, 2010

smile ... it helps

While re-reading my last post, I thought to myself, "What did I mean I'll write again when something interesting happens?!"
Life is always full of interesting. :) :) :) :)
Yes, life is filled with good and bad interesting--but mostly ordinary. Even "ordinary" can be something fun to write (& smile) about. I must remember that. :) : ) :)

As for my ordinary life, I am recuperating from another "sickness" from either a cold or something allergy-induced. I'm looking forward to meeting my new doctor in one more week, though I honestly don't anticipate the detective work. You see, I've been sick 3+ times within a month, and am thinking we need to get to the bottom of this. This year has been a bad year for everyone allergy-wise, so I wonder if other people are visiting their doctors too. :)

Today, I heard back from an assistant editor regarding my article proposal. " ... thank you for taking the time to share your article idea ... it does not fit with our editorial needs at this time." I had to giggle when I read it, because it was worded exactly like the other rejection email I received awhile back-- from a different magazine. ha ha! :) :) I'm waiting to hear from another publication before shopping another article around. I'm not feeling rejected because I'm doing this for fun. :) :) :)

Antonin & Ashlyn have enjoyed a couple of days' vacation since I've been under the weather. We are nearly finished with our school year anyhow, and think we will finish when Caleb finishes at Zion Lutheran next Friday. I may summer home-school all three kiddos later on-- like in July when it's too stifling hot during the day to enjoy the outdoors. :) :)

Now that I'm thinking "ordinary", I'm finding a whole lot to talk about! I must go now, however, because I need to fall to sleep!! :) :) At least I'm smiling :) :) :) :)

p.s. Hey! Perhaps I need to attach smiley faces to query letters and manuscripts. lol! Just kidding. :)

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