Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An "Inspirational Article" assignment

Well ... I finished my "Inspirational" article ... I was so happy to complete it, because it means that I am half-way thru my class. :) :) :) I have six more assignments left! Yay! :) :)
I would say the hardest thing about taking classes as an "older" adult (non-traditional student), is figuring out Word 2007! Oh, it's horrible!! Regular college students learn formatting Freshman year during computer class. I've taken computer classes --- over 13 years ago!!! I am hoping to teach myself some more tricks so I can finish my next assignment. Yes, my [online/correspondent] instructor is nice and approachable and I know I can ask more questions ... I just like keeping my questions a last resort. Off to research "Word help" ....

.....in the meantime, here's my article [it's bugging me that the format on this blog is different from Word]:

God’s Hand
by Sara Sorrell

“You got the job?” I asked incredulously from my reclining bed rest position. “How on earth can we move out of state in six weeks? We need to have this baby, first!” My face flushed from the spike in blood pressure as I lightly massaged my forehead with a swollen hand.
Richard grabbed my hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll do all the planning and packing … you won’t have to do a thing.”

God in the Change

Nothing could replace our family support system. How was I to care for our new baby without the familiar support? I would soon have three children ages five and under, and couldn’t imagine missing play dates with their little cousins — all similar ages — or the “girl time” with my two sister-in-laws. We would also miss the birthday parties and other family events. What about the convenience of switching off babysitting with family while my husband and I enjoyed an evening out? What about weekend get‑aways and leaving the kids with grandma and grandpa? I struggled to accept the impending changes coming with my husband’s new job. I felt extremely uncomfortable with being forced out of my comfort zone.
God in the Chaos

One day after my husband’s job announcement, my doctor informed me I had developed Preeclampsia and was having the baby that day. I struggled to accept the approaching C-section, feeling both numb and relieved.
I thought back to the week prior when I had been monitored in the hospital for 24 hours, alone and frightened. I had pondered one of my favorite verses, “… do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10 NIV). Peace beyond my own understanding enveloped my heart. I felt God draw me near, as a father pulls his daughter close for a goodnight hug.
Recalling the peaceful assurance, I began to see that God was not yanking the rug out from under me for sheer entertainment, but teaching me to rely on His strength alone.
I did not see how the big picture would fit together, but I had a new baby and young family to care for. I prayerfully gave my concerns to God, convinced He was in control of the details.
As Richard promised, I barely lifted a finger to help with the move. Though my hands were full with caring for my children, I felt detached from the blur of excited activity whirling around me. I longed to enjoy my precious baby girl, but discovered that each day held a new challenge with a temperamental, colicky infant. One day in particular, tears streamed down my face while I held my screaming daughter. How was I going to survive, and why did God wait to give us a colicky infant until our third time around? Family members helped pack and prepare our home for the housing market, taking good care of our needs. In spite of my growing uncertainty of the move looming ahead, I held tightly to the promise that God knew what He was doing.

God in the Promise

God was working out the most intricate details. We were thrilled when our house sold within ten days and found another to move into, soon after. We would learn, however, that difficulty occurs even while His perfect plan unfolds before us.
The morning of our move, the U-Haul truck would not start. After a slight delay in schedule, we continued on our journey. While moving into our new house 250 miles away, Richard slipped on the U-Haul ramp hitting his head on the truck and knocking the wind out of him. I was unable to unpack boxes and lay in bed very sick, due to an infection. I began to marvel at the seemingly bad things happening on our moving day. Was God in our midst, holding our hands now?
“Yes, Sara,” Richard’s eyes twinkled as he kissed my hand. “I know this move hasn’t been easy, but God has been with us. Just think of all the ways He provided leading up to, and including, today. Only God could do this.”
What he said was true. The sellers of our new house had agreed to vacate in two weeks, neighbors were available to help with the stalled U-Haul, Richard’s injury did not have lasting effects, and my mother-in-law unpacked my new kitchen while I lay sick in bed. Through the entire experience, we sensed we were in the eye of the storm, safe from danger and harm. God was faithful to keep His promise and shield us in His hand.
God delights in pulling His children out of comfort zones while shaping and molding them into more faithful disciples. I still struggle during seasons of change, and am aware there will be more lessons on life’s path ahead. Thus, I continue to prayerfully seek His high ways, my hand gripped tightly inside His.

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