Monday, May 3, 2010

Have you ever --?

Have you ever felt like a failure? If so, it's only a feeling, got that?

I've nearly convinced myself .... :) :) :)

We had visitors from Missouri stop in on their way to visit family in Ohio! It was nice to visit with them again, and our kids had a blast together!! :) :)

As you know, I've been grinding my own wheat, baking and cooking exclusively with the freshly ground flour. Well ... as a cook ... your short cuts will find you out! Ack!! My allergies had been bothering me and I wasn't feeling the best ... and ... well ... I made coffee cake with store bought flour!!!! I cannot tell a lie, and had to admit (when asked) that the breakfast was not made with the healthy flour. LOL! :) : ) :) :)

Yes, I have now ground lots of flour, and am ready for our next visitors. lol! lol! Just kidding ... it's time for me to make more bread. I really enjoy making bread -- bread is more fun than anything else I've ever baked! I wish I had learned to do this many years ago!

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