Sunday, May 23, 2010

:) :)

Feeling slightly discouraged today.

No, nothing is wrong, life is good (and I'm still enjoying our sofa), but I'm slightly frustrated with school and teaching. Being mom is the toughest job in the whole wide world!!!!
I spent hours the other evening studying with my son, preparing him for a Social Studies test he had at school the next day, and recently discovered that he bombed it. I have no idea how on earth this happened since he knew the material very well, but my guess is that he did not read all the directions for each problem. Yes, he will pass 4th grade, and I'm proud of all his tremendous hard work (A/B grade average). I'm simply tired of textbook learning (memorize and then forget), and would love to home school him again ... [with a Classical literature/love-to-learn approach] but I don't think that's going to happen since we don't want to change every year (stability). Therefore, much work is ahead of us this summer with drilling reading comprehension and test taking skills. He's always been this way ... nothing new that surprises me ... I have finally discovered that private schooling is not much different than home schooling . They both require a lot of work from mom.

A mother's work is never done, and we all need summer breaks. lol!! :)
We'll take a nice vacation once school is out --this coming Friday-- and then review skills mid-July, probably. :)

Well, I need to work on my own class assignments now ... I only have a few more left! Yay!. :) :)

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