Sunday, April 4, 2010

April :)

Ahh ... these are the lovely days of spring ... days that are springy but not yet full of allergens ...
AAaaaCHOOOooo!!! Oh, I think I spoke too soon. AACccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo! uMM... the allergens are on their way, I know they are. But until they attack full-force, I'm enjoying this beautiful weather!!!!!!!!!! :) : ) :) I'll hopefully plant flowers before too long ... before the need for masks and allergy meds. :)

Well ... this Easter weekend was excellent!! Richard has been working in Nashville, TN all week (this coming week too). The kids & I drove about an hour and 45 minutes (a little more maybe) to meet Richard in Southern Illinois, while Richard drove three and a half hours to meet us!

In case you don't know my husband well ... he is a great planner, and does very, very well with time management. What I found hilarious was that on Friday evening, our separate vehicles arrived at the hotel in Southern Illinois, at the exact same time!!!! I was right behind him in the turn lane, and thought to myself, "Surely that's not Richard!!!" But it WAS!! We laughed awhile over that, and I told him the experience was just too scary! He needs to lighten up a little and stop planning to the "T". LOL! :) :) :) :)

Saturday, we saw the "Lower Cache" where there are swamps and impressive Cypress trees, and also visited the "Garden of the Gods" ---very, very lovely!! The day was simply wonderful!! Beautiful weather, and beautiful family time. We had such a good time together, and I'm grateful for all my husband's time with planning!! :) :)

Easter morning, we had an Easter egg hunt in our hotel room before we checked out. I'm such a traditionalist ... :) :) :) After talking with the children about what the Resurrection meant for us (Praise God, Jesus is Risen!), we went to a local church in the area. I was curious to see their nursery since Richard & I are nursery coordinators at our own church, but I didn't know how to be discreet with not having babies of my own. lol! :) Ended up that the restrooms were near the nursery --perfect-- I could be very discreet and walk S-L-O-W-L-Y back and forth, to and from the restroom. That sounds funnier than what actually took place -- I promise. LOL! :) What I discovered is that I like our nursery better, so did not ask any questions (I would have - had I seen something that piqued my interest). :)

After church, we ate lunch and then hunted for a waterfall Richard had discovered in a travel brochure. The children had a blast as they had the day before, but I was a bit subdued. I was beginning to tire of hunting for outdoor sites ... and was very aware we would be going our separate ways soon (was very sentimental).

Now, many hours later, we are home and Richard has returned safely to TN. He will come home on Wednesday. I'm now planning our week, hoping to finish many things before our trip to SW Missouri next weekend!!! We're visiting family before Richard leaves for NY mid- April. I'll talk more about that another time. I honestly need to get going!!!
Goodnight and sleep tight!

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