Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh my ... :) :)

I cannot believe how late I'm awake. I took a nap this afternoon because I was in the church nursery today with dressy black boots on my feet ... wearing them wore me out!! lol!!
I knew better than to dress up for the nursery .... :) :) I enjoyed my time with the little ones inspite of my sore feet, grateful for my "baby fix". :) :) [next time, I'll take my boots off. silly me!]

Since I took that nap, I'm wide awake making lists and plans. Richard leaves in the morning for Nashville, TN ( his job), and the kids & I plan on meeting him half-way over Easter wknd so that we can be together as a family. I'm not sure about this whole thing ... simply because it's a lot of work packing and preparing for a trip by yourself. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ... I know I can. I'll just make sure I don't wear my dressy black boots while packing. lol!

Richard's parents and youngest brother came for a visit this past weekend and we all had a great time together! Saturday just happened to be my mother-in-law's b'day and we were privileged to spend the day with her. We all visited the Cahokia Mounds, then browsed through downtown Belleville, popping in and out of shops. We also took photo ops! I'm certain we were a funny sight posing along-side streets and inside shops, but it was a lot of fun !!! :)
I know I'll pay tomorrow for staying up so late ... and now I know NOT to take naps when my foot feels achy. Instead, I should give myself a foot spa/pedicure. lol! :)
I'll be very busy this week and next with my daily routine, responsibilities, and school work. I'll write when I can, and promise to share our unique Easter later on .... God bless! May we experience renewed thanksgiving in our hearts for Jesus!!!! We can be accepted in God's sight because of the gift of His Son (the Sacrificial Lamb)!!

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