Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow! : ) Nearly half -way through class

I'm thinking I'm way too hard on myself. Every time I send in an assignment, I think to myself, "I hope she (instructor) likes it" [she always does]. Plus, every single assignment I struggle with and think I'm doing a terrible job, my instructor responds positively, encouraging me to seek publication. LOL! This is just too funny! My biggest writing fan is my sweet husband, Richard. He thinks I can write children's books. I tend to go through "can do" and "can't do" cycles ... I know that I need to take the next step beyond these assignments and pester publishers ... it's just easier said than done finding the extra time. : ) : ) : )

I am nearly half -way through this class now. I have about seven or eight more assignments, plus two extra articles (from assignment outlines/ideas). I'm presently working on a future "How -to" article on throwing a successful b'day party for your child (within budget).

Yes, it is an encouragement hearing positive feedback from my writing mentor. I just hope that I keep a good balance being wife & mother and hobby writer. There are much better writers out there. All I know is that I love writing about the life lessons I learn, among other things of interest to moms & children. :) I hope that God will use my words to touch someone's heart-- even if it's only here on my blog. Alright, I need to feed my kids! Have a good evening!! : ) : ) : )

[I really really miss Richard ... but he WILL be home in TWO days!!!! Yay!!]

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