Monday, March 22, 2010


Yesterday, the unexpected happened! My daughter asked to sit on my lap during church, which she never does, then she proceeded to stretch her arms up, one hand grabbing her other wrist, fingers pointing out....she has never done that before, either!

I was listening intently to a man in front of me, who was sharing a Scripture and testimony during the service. My peripheral vision told me that Ashlyn's arms were coming up toward my face. I could not move quickly enough...and smack! Two of her fingers plunged into my left eye. At first, I did not realize the seriousness and thought perhaps mascara was stuck in my eye or something--it was smarting very badly! I ran to the bathroom (well, walked quickly...since we were in church), to wash the mascara smearing down my cheek. lol! I knew enough to not rub or touch my eye with the towel, but did look all around my eye for any foreign particle. I was very puzzled, wondering, "What is in my eye?!" It kept wanting to close while smarting with constant irritation-- as if I had specks of dust in my eye. I gave up and exited the bathroom, where I ran into a couple of church ladies who knew more about eye injuries than I did. One of them took a look and told me that she could see a scratch right across my eyeball. yikes!! The other lady left in search of my husband...then when he joined us, we all tried to figure out the details. Were optometrists open on Sunday? Better go to a walk-in-clinic. Who would pick the children up from junior church? Laurie would, and we exchanged cell phone numbers. Richard & I then rushed away in our van....only to sit for over an hour inside the walk-in clinic. I really struggled with a bad attitude. "Some of these people have only a slight cough....and here I am dying from PAIN waiting on them!!" 'Twas a good thing that I've been studying the Fruit of the Spirit in our Ladies' Bible study...and remembered that I needed to PRAY--not fret. :) : )
So my eye would not hurt so badly, I just sat with both eyes closed, my left hand sort of holding my throbbing left eye. I prayed that God would help me and help the kids to be good for Laurie (lol)... : ) : ) :) At one point, Richard sat down to tell me there were still 5 people ahead of us. I nearly fainted out of anxiety, and it helped to lay my head on his shoulder awhile. Hard to explain, but I sort of drifted in and out of a sleepy state, which helped the time go by faster (without impatience). Finally, my name was called, and I toddled toward the examining room. Walking with one eye closed can be difficult. lol! We told the nurse practitioner what had happened, and I told her I did not want to open my eye because it was going to hurt. She (the nurse) turned off the room's big light, then turned on her little flashlight and opened my eye lid to take a look, making me move my eye up and down. As soon as she let go of my eye lid, I squeezed Richard's hand and cried took about 5 minutes for the stinging to subside. The nurse hadn't seen a she put a drop of dyed medicated liquid into my eye that REALLY helped! Instantly the pain started to go away... and the dye helped the nurse find where the scratch was. We were told that I had a Corneal Abrasion or ulcer...she wasn't sure and thought it was in-between the two. The nurse also wanted us to visit an opthamologist, but since we do not have one (and making new patient appt. would take too long to get in), she agreed that seeing an optometrist would work fine. She prescribed some eye drops, and then I noticed the irritating burning sensation was returning to my eye. Too bad medication wears off!!!
Returning home, we had eye drops in my eye every 15 minutes for 6 hours, and rudely discovered they did not have the numbing effect the other drop (w dye) had. Right at first, they burned so very badly and I could hardly stand it. Then it improved after about the 5th or 6th time. *Whew*...I'm so glad that's over with!! [oh yes, Richard did pick our children up after taking me home to bed. They had had a blast!]
Side note: I'm so thankful for a good, compassionate husband!!

This is the next day (Monday), and I am feeling back to normal physically, though my left eye continues to be very sensitive and sore. I'm still using the eye drops...and I visit the eye doctor tomorrow. We'll see what is said!!
I could not drive today because of sun sensitivity (my eye just wants to stay closed sometimes), so a lady from church took Caleb to school and picked him up for me. : ) : )
Another lady from church will take me to my eye appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to drive in a few days. I have not noticed changes in my vision.... it will be interesting to see what the eye doctor says.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine for me...

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