Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's late....

....but I need to let you know that my eye is healing well! The eye doctor told me that the scratch on my cornea was in a large C shape, and that the inside "flap" of the scratch layed down like it was supposed to and cells are re-growing nicely on top. She doesn't think I'll have a scar. I've read that when a person has a scar, surgery may be required (probably has to be a pretty bad scar for surgery).
My corneal abrasion was in the outer (first) layer of the eye, and was not considered severe (that's good to know). :) :) :) I'm so thankful that the injury was not any worse, and that it appears to be healing well. Praise God! :)
I can now drive long as I'm wearing sunglasses. Amazing how quickly the human eye heals!!! Well...it's time for my eye drops....goodnight, sleep tight!
[oh--it will take awhile for my eye to completely feel back to normal. It is still sore and achy at times, but I notice improvements each day]. :) :)

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