Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yay, for cub scouts' Pinewood derby! :) :) :) Saturday evening, Caleb [WEBELOS I] and Antonin [Wolf] raced their cars @ their pack's Pinewood derby. During one round, they actually raced against each other. The far left car in photo is Caleb's. Antonin's is the yellow one right next to it. :) :) Neither one placed in the top 5, but we are very proud of their good sportsmanship!
Both boys know we won't be involved in scouts next year, for various reasons. I have felt badly for Antonin this year because his den never had any meetings. I was happy that Caleb's den got together, yet sad and worried that Antonin was going to think that we did everything for his older brother. I'm quite amazed with how understanding Antonin has been. He is such a fun-loving little guy who thinks the best of others at all times and thinks every thing's simply wonderful. lol! :) :) In place of scouts, we started Antonin with Tae Kwan Doe (spelling?). He seems to enjoy it, and tomorrow evening I will finally watch what he does! You see, Richard is traveling this week, and he's the one who usually takes Antonin [his travel is beginning to increase after a 10 month lull]. I have nearly forgotten what it's like to have my husband gone, and am hopeful my past experiences will kick in. :) :) No pun intended. lol! [get it? Tae Kwan Doe?] :) :) :) Goodnight! I need my sleep for this week!

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