Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!

Wow! I awoke to a new month! Funny how the month of February seems to fly by after the drudgery of January. :) Early this morning, the boys were quite sound asleep (unusual for them), and were not awake to tell their daddy goodbye, though he had tried waking them. The note he left them was not enough to keep the tears from made ME want to cry! The worst part was when they began asking me, "Was Ashlyn awake when Daddy left?"....that comparing habit is horrible. I had to draw their attention back to the note daddy left JUST for them...and remind them we have cell phones (what would we do w/o them)! : ) All is well at our house now. Well, almost.'s Monday. A Monday with no school for Caleb and no daddy coming home at the end of the day. I've already broken up two fights. Me oh my... lol! I'm reading more about the Fruit of the Spirit before continuing with this day!!
Happy MARCH to you (a bit closer to spring) : ) : ) : )
Btw, I had previously mentioned my health on this blog...I want to quickly share that I am doing much, much, better [ since approx. December]. :) : ) I cannot pin point just one thing that I've been doing differently. God's been working through a combination of healthy-living changes I've made. I'm very thankful for God's goodness & faithfulness to me! : ) :) :)

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