Thursday, February 25, 2010

My husband pointed out that I did not explain the "lady at Aldi" story in my previous post. Long story short, there's a lady employee at Aldi who keeps track of us. All last year she was interested in everything we did as home schoolers, then was very interested in why we sent Caleb to private school this year. Nearly every time we shop at Aldi ... that same lady asks if Antonin has asked to go to school or not. lol! I tell her the same thing every time--just in different ways. Now....regarding the "double life"-- it's my having one foot in the home school world and the other foot in the private school world. I have had many questions from a variety of people--not just the lady from Aldi. To be quite honest, I'm beginning to tire of the questions, but I understand why people are curious. I am happy that I nearly have my explanations memorized. lol! :)

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