Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am learning patience. I signed up for my next class the first of February and have yet to receive my materials. I think I will check into this tomorrow....I'm getting impatient.
Yes, me--impatient. If you know me (I hope you do if you're reading this blog), you are probably under the impression that I'm the most patient person you've ever met. No...I'm just quiet about my impatience, so that's why you don't know about it --usually. You do now! :) :) :)
According to Elizabeth George, one is to do nothing when feeling impatient, but prayerfully turn to God instead. Yes, it's good to take care of business (doing something), but it's quite necessary to have a good attitude while taking care of business (doing nothing to feed bad attitudes). :) :) :) So, when you call the dentist and the receptionist rudely spats that you never had a scheduled appointment in the first place and their calendar is full until summer time...DO NOTHING....calmly respond that you would like to be placed on their ASAP list, and could they please check the spelling of your last name...because you're 98.9% sure your appointment is tomorrow?? [I admit you could find another dentist....] : ) :) When you receive receipt for a class, but the material hasn't arrived in eight day.... DON'T panic!! Instead, do nothing. Sit still for awhile and tell yourself that nothing is more important in this life than pleasing God and taking care of your family. lol! :) Then, with a calm voice, call the University and ask if this long of wait is normal. :) :) Ok...I can do this. I must calmly pick up the phone and call!!! :) :) LOL! You know I'm kidding! I don't have a problem calling....
I need to finish school with Antonin now. This morning has been extremely busy with picking up our food co-op order (took an hour to unload/sort through every one's items), visiting Sam's Club and Aldi to find other food items. I don't like being out & about in the morning hours because--without fail--there are people who ask why my kids aren't in school. Ah well....we've been home for awhile, the school work is getting finished, and I'm encouraged (and more patient since having prepared for a Bible study this evening with Elizabeth George's book "A Woman's Walk With God") lol!! :) :) Will talk more later...gotta practice patience now...

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