Thursday, February 4, 2010

More February thoughts

Great news on my brother! The hole in his lung is beginning to close, so possibly one more day until his chest tube gets removed (while talk of surgery fades away)! I'm sure that his family are good and ready for him to return home...I'm not sure how long the hospital will keep him after removing his chest tube, but he's been hospitalized since Sunday evening. If I know my brother well enough, I know that he is getting antsy. I wish I could help them out in some way.... I know that ultimately prayer is the best thing I can do...but still... [we live a full state away]

Living a double life is hard work! Private schooling and home schooling are two different worlds, and this school year has been interesting so far. I signed up for the "Mother's club" at my son's private school, thinking I would like to be involved in my child's school. Well, one can be involved in their child's school while also home schooling, but it is a lot of hard work. On the mornings the parents get together for their meeting, I bring my younger, home schooled kids in with me (they don't mind), but Antonin can't ever concentrate on the school work he brings with him because of all the commotion caused by parents and younger siblings. I also volunteered to help switch out the art work every other Tuesday. I really enjoy helping in this capacity, but feel guilty leaving Antonin & Ashlyn at a spare desk to color and do school work...only for other school kids (various age groups) to enter the room for their projects, thus breaking my kids' concentration. Get the picture: Me walking in and out of the room pulling old art work down and putting new art up in school hallways... then in the corner of the art room of which I'm walking in and out of... my two little children sit and stare with mouths gaped open (drooling?) while small groups of school children enter the room to create 3-D art projects. My kids continue their gaping stare, never uttering a peep. Talk about guilty mom feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The art instructor had extra material recently and let my kids share a project of their own ... but I'm wondering if I should continue this all year. Besides the guilt, it does take a little away from our home school. I help with collecting/pulling down/ hanging art for about an hour (slightly more, perhaps), and we're usually able to finish our home school once we've returned home. Yet, I've noticed that motivation tends to be much weaker when we've spent even an hour of our morning somewhere else!
I have been seriously considering a different home school curriculum (for the younger two kids), and this particular curriculum has a co-op. I don't think I'll be able to swing helping at a private school and participating in a co-op. Something will have to give...even though I would like to be involved in my child's school. I'm praying that God will guide and help me with this double life!!! LOL!! [there are other curricular/ extra-curricular activities I have not mentioned. I don't want to bore you! ]

Well, I need to fix dinner. Antonin goes to Tae Kwan doe tonight...ack! I haven't even hemmed his outfit yet. :) Can do....can do.... can do....will do.... will do.... will do...

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