Monday, February 1, 2010

February news

My brother, Joe, lives with his wife, Sarah, and three kiddos in Northern Indiana. Today, I received a phone call from my mother who informed me that Joe's right lung had completely collapsed last night and that he was in the hospital. What?? My big brother in the hospital?? He's never sick!!! He doesn't smoke, hasn't suffered any injuries or illness...this lung collapse was totally "out of the blue"-- unexplainable [doctors are saying that people can get blisters on their lungs that burst, causing a lung to collapse; they think this is what happened to Joe]. In the latest update, it sounded like Joe was responding well to treatment, but still will take a few days for the lung to heal. He could use some prayers....along with prayers for Sarah and their three kiddos as they balance daily life and this scary experience. Times like these I wish that I lived close enough to help my family. My parents are actually on vacation in Florida, so Sarah's family is helping with child care this week [I suppose I should explain that my brother is a stay at home dad, and that Sarah is a nurse].
Drastic change of subject... I registered last night for the next writing class through Taylor U. online. I'm looking forward to working through "Articles II". Time management will be the key to balancing motherhood, the house, meals..... and everything else. :) I need to get the kids into bed because I can't concentrate! They have been little monkeys all evening. Goodnight, and please say a prayer for my brother and his family. Thanks!

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