Monday, February 15, 2010

My introduction ...for writing class (Articles II)

I thought I'd share my introduction here in case you have been wondering why on earth I'm going back to school. :) I have until August 1st to finish the 13 assignments and extra papers (including research paper). I'm anticipating this new challenge. I have erased my opening "hello" to my mentor (not sure that she wants her name out here). Hmm...the photo is not showing up in this format. Oh well... at least the one I turned in looked good. :)

My name is Sara Sorrell, Sept '09 014.JPGand I take pleasure in the art of writing. As a child, one could find me outdoors scribbling in a notebook, my imagination running wild. I did not realize that writing was a gift from God until after I received an AA degree in Early Childhood Education, married my sweet husband, and then became a mother of three beautiful children.

Several years ago, a desire to sharpen my writing skills began burning inside my heart. My husband encouraged my return to school, providing opportunity for me to focus on studies two evenings a week and one week-end day. I am pursuing a Certificate of Professional Writing through Taylor University online, and am thankful for the patience and support of my family.

Home life is often chaotic with home educating two children and shuttling one child to and from private school. Our family calendar stays full with school, church and extracurricular activities. Though I love our family life, most days I cannot wait until the quiet of the evening when I can sit with my laptop and write to my heart’s content. Writing is fun work to me and provides relaxation after a full day caring for my family.

I am not completely certain what my goal is with pursuing a Professional Writing Certificate beyond personal satisfaction and a desire to use my talents for God. My strengths lie in writing for children and young mothers, and I entertain dreams of writing a children’s book or two. However, I continue to work on articles and ideas gleaned from the “Articles I” class, knowing that becoming a “skilled” writer requires much perseverance.

While anticipating the continuation of my writing journey, I pray that God will bless me with wisdom in balancing life and being efficient with time.

[side note: honestly....this probably means I will need to stay away from the distractions of Facebook...] :) :) lol!

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Sara's thoughts.... said...

No, I did not write the "side note" regarding Facebook in the actual introduction!!! lol!! Also, I've now noted a couple of errors since writing this...I'll eventually learn to be a better editor. :)