Sunday, February 21, 2010

:) :) I can't think of a title---

Well...I finished my first assignment today(one of thirteen). I will get a lot of practice with brain storming and writing articles...this first assignment was basically full of brain storming. I'm going to like this class even more than the first one I took. There's no research paper!! :) The class' projects include some extra reading and submission/resubmission(s) of a couple drafts to the instructor, with the intention of submitting to an editor.
We all have our difficult days or weeks. I had mine this past Thursday and then realized later on that I had experienced a "new kind" (to me) spiritual battle. I'm thankful that it's over... and have taken note what I should do next time [pray, recognizing what's going on]. I had had the most vivid, horrible nightmare Wed. night that seemed to last for a very long time [have you ever wanted so badly to wake up, but couldn't?]. The following day (Thursday), one bad thing after another happened, and I slowly turned into an exasperated mother! I'm thankful for God's goodness and faithfulness to us, even when we don't immediately turn to Him like we should. I have learned my lesson well.
Today is Richard & my 12th wedding anniversary!!! I am very grateful for a good husband and am looking forward to many more years together. He took me out to eat the other evening, and we had a wonderful time ALONE (I like my's just nice to enjoy some alone time now and then; their babysitter is wonderful, by the way!! She will be the most excellent teacher when she graduates from college!). :)
Last night I ground more wheat and baked more bread, and this time the bread turned out extremely scrumptious!!! Just in time for our anniversary! lol! :)
I honestly lost my train of thought while writing this, as I'm a nervous person....where oh where is my outline??? I had a major case of ADD at church today. Richard is all about efficiency and had encouraged me to do my "nursery co-coordinator" projects and duties while at church. I had told him I can think more clearly if I'm there by myself working on the extra projects (some other day of the week). Sure enough--I could not concentrate today on what I was supposed to be doing, and was probably the most rude and distracted lady you've ever seen. :) :) When I'm in the nursery any Sunday, I want to be with the people, play with the kids, etc. What excruciating torture having to focus on a project among other people. Anyhow, next time I'm going during the week, like I usually do. :) :)

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