Friday, January 15, 2010

Thought I'd take a break from home schooling A & A ... to share an old photo of my older brother Joe, older sister Wendy, and me! I believe that I was about 3 or 4 yrs old in this picture. I still remember that jumper! :) :)
Btw, when I wrote my previous post, I had recovered from a state of distress and tears after a very hard day with the children (not simply over Caleb's F--don't worry. lol). However, I remembered my own mother and how frustrated she must have been raising us!! :) :) :) I know that it's hard for you to believe this, but I had a temper as a young child....and as I grew older.... developed a strong stubborn streak.
I sometimes recall my mother growing exasperated at me and saying that the Cherokee Indian blood from my dad's side was showing. Umm....we had more stubborn German blood than we had Indian!! lol!!! :) [I think we figured out we're a little more than 1/16th Indian]. Of course, I was not going to say that out loud to my mother. :) :) :)
My older brother was eight years older than me, so I don't remember how much mom helped Joe with his school work in 4th grade (comparing oldest to oldest--Joe to my son Caleb). Mom doesn't remember much from that time of life but thinks he was an independent worker. Hmm...Richard was an independent worker in school, too (he's the oldest in his family). You know.... I think my mom and Richard's mom have forgotten a lot over the years. In the recesses of my mind, I recall my brother getting in trouble for irresponsibility around the age of 14. It had something to do with not taking the garbage out like he was supposed to or something. So... what is my point?!?! Though motherhood (and marriage) is hard work while kids are always needing "mom" or help from mom (even for reminders) .... there will come a time when I won't remember any of this!!!! I'll probably think that Caleb was an independent worker and a model student! :) :) By the way, if you ask my mom now....she doesn't remember how bad I was as a child!!! [she does remember the stubbornness though]
The best advice I've ever received with mothering through frustration .... is to simply love your children. "Love" is tough sometimes (including speaking the truth in love--w/o emotion). :) My kids most likely can testify how I have failed seemingly numerous times and have asked for forgiveness. Please don't ask them!!!!
For example, I have often found myself thinking during the day (preceding a mommy melt-down), "If only Caleb would quit acting so silly while I'm teaching/helping him ...." or "Why is he so stubborn and not admitting that he answered the question incorrectly?!?!" .... only to realize later that I'm focusing on the problem instead of the solution [oh great. That sounds as if it came straight from Richard's mouth]. Yes, my husband is good for me, it's just really hard to admit this sometimes. lol! ;) ;) This is when a relationship with my heavenly Father comes into play... I'll write about the lessons I've been learning through the study of the book of Luke... soon. :) :)

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