Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh the full time job of a mother (and wife)

I must admit this evening has been quite different from last. I was not dancing around the living room with my daughter tonight. There was simply too much to do!
I won't give you the time line of our day because I'm afraid that it would bore you. :)
To make it short.... after enjoying our morning at CBS (yay!) ... the chaos began [only sharing one thing that happened to make this short].
After picking my son up from school, he told me that he had gotten an F on his memory work at school. What?!?! I was very puzzled, since up until this time he has always gotten A's. I'm still not sure what happened, but the only thing I could come up with is that this time I did not have him recite his memory work to me for practice. *sigh* .... I can't ever have a break, can I?!? ;) I have been trying to teach Caleb more independence with his school work and still give help where needed ... usually with spelling words and studying for the reading tests (he would not naturally do very well). Oh--and book reports. LOL! :) :) :) Finding the balance between helping/tutoring my son with school and having him handle everything himself is very hard for me to find. It seems like the more I relax, the more scary grades he brings home that make my eyes pop out. In spite of the bad grades, he is doing fine and keeping a steady A & B average.
Not that grades matter all that much .... I just want him to do his best.
I strive for balance in our home life.... and often fail. I don't understand how other families do it!!!
How is mother supposed to home school her kids, clean house, exercise with P90X, do laundry, run errands, go shopping and/or grocery shopping, pick up child from school and assist with home work as needed, do more housework, [check facebook and email...LOL] cook dinner, help child memorize Articles of Faith & Scripture, play dolls and/or house with daughter, read books to children, and then have dinner ready at the exact moment her husband comes in the door from work!?!?!? Impossible, I tell you! Absolutely impossible!!!! AND .... guess who the children run to when he walks in the door?!?! [forget about mom slaving away in the kitchen..!!!]
How can a mother NOT fail with bad attitudes when this is daily life?!?! lol!! :)
What I mentioned above is not even including all the extra things like school and church activities, Bible Studies, special events, ect., ect., etc. I am praying that God will guide us as we try and plan our schedule... and that He will provide His strength and grace for daily living--every single day. Can't live w/o Him!! I fail way too much!! Goodnight! :)

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