Friday, January 15, 2010

A few thoughts...

I was looking forward to writing this follow up on what I've been learning in Luke [chapter 11, the Lord's Prayer] ...
All the craziness of life as a mother and wife is ok ... when I'm ready to break or boil, I escape to my bedroom to cry, scream (into pillow) or write frustrated notes to tear up later ( lol) :)
Human tendency is to selfishly want things my own way. However, God constantly reminds me that life isn't all about me or us or them and what we want. The reminder is right in front of me every time I open the Bible. I've known since childhood that God communicates to us through His Word, and that we communicate to God through prayer, but I don't think I quite grasped the concept that I never pray alone. Every time I pray, the Holy Spirit is praying with me, interceding to my Father (Romans 8:26-27). How encouraging! When the kids are going bonkers and I've had all I can take, I can pray silently (yes, it's still ok to run to the bedroom and scream into the pillow, but then my next reaction needs to be prayerfulness) ... and Someone will be praying with me even though physically I am the only adult in the house--feeling as if no one else would really understand. :) :) :)
I'm aware that not every prayer is going to be long and intense (some of mine are quite short and simple--like when I prayed that God would give me courage to ski down the bunny hill. :) :) :) :) ), but it's critical I am in a Father/daughter intimate relationship (can't be w/o prayer & Bible reading together).
During the recent Bible Study @ CBS (Community Bible Study), we learned what the "Lord's Prayer" meant and how Jesus taught us how to pray. First of all, Jesus was interested in the "family" relationship of the New Testament (moving away from "King/servant" of Old T.) A few interesting points: we are to pray for needs of our Christian community and not only individual needs; we are meant to live "hand to mouth", dependent on God's spiritual/physical provisions for us [OT folks depended on God's physical provisions in Exodus, for instance]; "God's Will be done" is a prayer that never fails (our heart in tune for His answer).
Wow ... I so often fall short of how Jesus taught us to pray. My previous blog posts are proof that my prayer life is probably lacking--big time. Do I really pray for others and not just for myself and my silly kids or petty problems? Also .... am I really praying for an answer I may not want to hear? Like .... serving my husband even when I think he does not deserve another foot massage!!!!! ugh! :) :) :) :)
There was so much more on the subject of prayer which I am not mentioning in this post because I am very tired. What I shared about prayer was drawn from the discussion and lecture during the Community Bible Study, so want to give credit where it's due (though my applications are original to me!). :) :)
Have a good night .... but first I need to pray! I need a renewing of my mind ...and refreshing contentment with being "mom". :) :)

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